Roof Top Tent 4x4

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Outdoor Roof Top Tent 4X4 4WD Rack Bar

Check in and check out, when ever and where ever you are - introducing the hassle free outdoor camper roof tent! Made from the highest quality materials, this must have campers item will provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

The outdoor roof top tent is spacious and allows you to enjoy the outdoors when ever and where ever you are. Super easy to unfold and set up and disassemble, this campers roof top tent is a must have item.

Because roof top tents are raised high off the ground, they provide a look-out position and protection from natures elements to keep you secure from the cold and animals. designed professionally with strength, convenience and comfort in mind, outdoor travelling is easy when you can stop and rest anytime.

It can be used on 4WDs, sedans, utes, vans & station wagons.

Do yourself a favour and make camping and trips easy with the outdoor roof top tent before stock runs out!

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